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 Pokemon Rijon Adventures Playthrough

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PostSubject: Pokemon Rijon Adventures Playthrough   July 29th 2009, 9:38 pm

This is a Narrated Playthrough of the Hack Pokemon Rijon Adventures created by coolboyman and Haruhi Hanai.

Episode 1 - Introduction

Welcome everyone!
I've been thinking of doing a Pokemon Hack Playthrough for a while now and I decided to do Rijon Adventures.

Episode 2 - Merson Cave (Part 1)

The second episode is finally here and this time we begin our adventure OFFICIALLY!

Episode 3 - Merson cave (Part 2)

This episode consists of the team getting a new member, Pidgey!

Episode 4 - The Road to Merson City

In this episode, the team travels through Merson Pass and finally reaches Merson City! Along the way our friend Fuego evolves into Charmeleon!

Episode 5 - Exploring Merson City

Now that we have arrived at Merson City, the team decides to explore the roads surrounding it. Along the way, they find the newest member of the team Bellsprout!

Episode 6 - Merson City Gym

We have finally gotten strong enough to face the Merson City Gym but waiting at the Gym's door is our friend Twix!Will defeat Twix and the Gym Leader Karpman?

Episode 7 - The Road to Hayward

The team decides to start their long journey to Hayward City! Along the way, they make a stop at the Mt. Boulder Caves and pick up a new friend!

Episode 8 - Hayward City

The team travels through Hayward Docks and finally reaches Hayward City!

Episode 9 - Nugget Pass

The team has done everything there is to be done in Hayward City so they start the long journey to Owsauri City and the next Gym! The journey gets complicated when they encounter the Nugget Crew!

Episode 10 - The New Kid

The team finishes up the Nugget Pass challenge! After that they go through Origal Maze and find the newest member of the team!

Episode 11 - Owsauri City

After finding their way through Origal Maze, the team reaches Owsauri City!

Episode 12 - Owsauri Gym

The team is finally ready to take on the Owsauri Gym!

Episode 13 - The Long Road to Moraga Town - Part 1

Blue the Poliwag has finally become part of the team and is quickly catching up! The team uses the power of the Cut HM to proceed to Moraward Path which will eventually take them to Moraga Town!

Episode 14 - The Long Road to Moraga Town - Part 2

The team continues their trip from Hayward City to Moraga Town! After completing Moraward Path they find the Silk Tunnel! They hoped to find their way easily but they soon find they where wrong...

Episode 15 - The Long Road to Moraga Town - Part 3

After three long episodes, the team finally completes their journey through Silk Tunnel!
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Pokemon Rijon Adventures Playthrough
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